Marky Designs

Original Regenerated children clothing made in USA.

A Family Business
Marky Designs is created and produced by myself in my home workshop, however there are many other people who play a part in the entire production and without whom I would be unable to fulfill my dream. My husband has been my number one supporter for many many years and I would be completely lost without his encouragement, ideas and dedication to my work. Our daughter is my biggest helper, carrying bolts of fabric, stencils and lace from one corner of my workshop to the other, just to make sure I'm organized. My cousin and her daughters, and family friend and her daughter and son have played integral roles as brainstorming partners, shopping assistants and models. Last but not least, I have to thank my brother Jan Hanus ( for the hours and thought he put into creating and designing this website. As you can see, every part of Marky Designs is a family affair with every member playing an equally important role in order to bring thoughtful, homemade designs from our home to yours!

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